jepara-meteoritLooking up to the heavens has inspired man since the beginning of time. We’ve gazed for thousands of years with wonder and awe at the millions of stars, planets and galaxies. We dream of undiscovered worlds and far-away alien civilizations.
The inconceivable vastness of the universe not only fascinates us but also inspires our imagination. We ask ourselves who created this all. We attempt to understand how it all began. We try to imagine where the universe begins and where it ends.
Our wildest fantasies cannot even answer all of our questions.
How happy we would be if we could just once, soar to the stars. To be able to see and touch their breathtaking beauty up close.
Unfortunately, this idea will forever remain a dream.
However, on Earth, we see the results of this vast universe.


Most of those found here on Earth, come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. They were formed from primal matter left over from the formation of our universe.
98% of all asteroids are made of either stone or iron. They circle the sun in a steady orbit. By a cosmic event 4.6 billion years ago, the formation of a small number of asteroids took place that carry both stone AND iron in their core.
They are called Pallasites.
Only through this extraordinary mixture of stone and iron, can gems be produced.


In the history of mankind, only 46 significant Pallasites have been found on our planet.
Unfortunately, the gemstones in 45 of the 46 Pallasites are not superior enough for making jewelry, due to numerous cracks probably occurring upon impact with our Earth. Cutting and faceting of the gemstones is virtually impossible.
Only a single meteorite WORLDWIDE ever produced gemstones possible to be cut and polished.

The name: Jepara

It is one of the greatest treasures in human history.
The oldest, and most rare of gemstones that have ever been touched by man.
No other gemstone has had as long a journey as the Pallavine. No other gemstone has such a story to tell. No other gemstone is so exclusive.

The Jepara GmbH is the only company worldwide professionally salvaging, cutting, polishing and marketing these gemstones.